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Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean

INTD 1784 and INTD 1820

Pirates of the Caribbean: 

The British and their American colonists fought a war on terror in the 1720s, ending the so-called “Golden Age” of piracy. 

·         Did pirates really bury their treasure and walk the plank? 
·         What made this life seem appealing to some young men (and a few women)? 

In this class we will watch films on Hollywood’s portrayal of piracy, dip into the scholarly literature on the historical reality of it, and make a website on some aspect of maritime piracy.

Mondays and Wednesdays 9-9:50 AM Buckley Honors Classroom

*images taken from Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (New York: 1921)

Freshman dad visits our class!