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Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean

INTD 1784 Sec 003 Freshman Honors Seminar -- Faculty/Student seminars

Please find a list below of the papers my students wrote for our class.

They each significantly expanded on content already in Wikipedia, or wrote an article "from scratch."

First Name
RefWorks Bibliography
Alex Bibliography Port Royal
Ashley Bibliography Pirate governance and democracy
Catherine Bibliography treatment of/reasons for taking captives
Connor Bibliography Ship to ship combat and intimidation tactics
David Bibliography Smuggling and Privateering in Revolutionary America: 1760-1790
Elizabeth Bibliography Medical Practices of Pirates
Grace Bibliography Pirate Weapons for close combat
Haley Bibliography

Eustache le moine (Eustace the monk)

Kimberly Bibliography Anne Bonny and Women in Piracy
Kurt Bibliography Wrecking off of the Florida Keys
Laura Bibliography pirate archeology
Liam   Roche Braziliano
Michael G. Bibliography Viking Age and Viking Age Arms and Armour
Michael W.   Tortuga and maritime piracy
Nanda Bibliography Francis Drake and California
Rebecca Bibliography Pirate Religion and Superstitions
Samuel Bibliography Piracy in New England
S'ha   Jane de Belleville


*images taken from Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (New York: 1921)