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Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean

INTD 1820 Sec 002 Faculty/Student seminars

Please find a list below of the papers my students wrote for our class.

They each significantly expanded on content already in Wikipedia, or wrote an article "from scratch."

First Name
RefWorks Bibliography
Aaron Bibliography Grace O'Malley
Alex Bibliography Captain William Kidd
Christopher Bibliography Blackbeard
Colleen   Caribbean piracy
Eric   Jolly Roger
Kevin Bibliography Henry Morgan
Lindsey Bibliography Tortuga
Meghan Bibliography Mary Read
Mei   pirate weaponry
Noah   marooning
Stephen Bibliography 21st Century Piracy and Pirates
Trevor Bibliography Privateering
Tory Bibliography Rachel Wall
Zia Bibliography Sir Francis Drake


*images taken from Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (New York: 1921)