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Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean

INTD 1820 Sec 002 Faculty/Student seminars

Please find a list below of the papers my students wrote for our class.


First Name
RefWorks Bibliography
Topic and website
Zack Bibliography Bart Roberts
Jaclyn Bibliography Somali Pirates in East Africa and modern-day piracy
Jacob Bibliography Blackbeard
Jason Bibliography Truth and Fiction in the historical portrayals of pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
Lindsay Bibliography Captain Kidd
AJ   Treasure Island
Brendan Bibliography Sir Francis Drake
Christina Bibliography Women in piracy
Chloe Bibliography Pirate Code and written articles
Klint Bibliography ending the "Golden Age" of piracy
Matt Bibliography pirate raiding
Samantha   Captain Morgan
Kate Bibliography pirate executions
Kenneth Bibliography the life of pirates
Rebecca Bibliography Mel Fisher
James Bibliography Chinese piracy
Joshua   the rise of piracy following Queen Anne's War in the Caribbean


*images taken from Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (New York: 1921)